Focus on your business logic. We take care of all the rest.

“Many developers struggle with complex architecture, long CI pipelines and various tech challenges.

We united a team of experts who can build great dev experience in JS ecosystem at enterprise scale. ”

Roman Sedov
/ founder of

Who we are

  • Roman Sedov

    Angular GDE, author and OSS contributor

  • Igor Katsuba

    Author, speaker. Built big CI/CDs and monorepos

  • Alex Inkin

    Angular GDE, author, speaker and lead of Taiga Ul team

And other skilled developers

What we can help with

Migration is not a typical developer task

It takes a lot less time for a migration expert to transform your project than for the in-house development team. We developed our own migration library with 1M+ annual downloads called ng-morph and we have large experience in writing automatic migrations for:

  • Big Angular / RxJS / any deps versions updates
  • Sync code style / combining or splitting monorepos / rethinking folder structure
  • Writing automatic ng update for your library

Dev Experience

Good DX allows to forget about worries such as code style issues, unnecessary build / CI waiting or unexpected type errors.

  • Lightning fast and secure caches for your builds and tests for both local development and CI
  • Automatic linters and formatters to put everyday micro-tech debates behind forever
  • Migration to “strict” TypeScript to trust your code
CI/CD Pipeline

Best practices

We can audit your codebase or make a special talk / workshop for your needs.

  • Fast 1 hour project review outlining all the bad practices in your code with ideas how to fix them
  • Deep-dive into your project to build step-by-step tech improvement plan
  • Online or offline workshop / talk by our experts on the topic you need the most with examples, Q/A and real enterprise case exploration
code review example


The right price for you, whoever you are

We are based in Dubai, UAE and accept both fiat and crypto currencies as payment method.

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